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Welcome to our news and media page, where we take immense pride in showcasing the remarkable achievements and community services of Joe Apps Technology Support. We firmly believe in the transformative power of helping, serving, and protecting our community and local businesses. By upholding our core values of integrity, innovation, and teamwork, we establish a strong foundation for all our endeavors. With a proven track record based on trust, we wholeheartedly devote ourselves to supporting the prosperity and growth of your business and community. Uncover the inspiring stories and impactful initiatives that define our remarkable journey. Utilize this news and media page as a prime source to stay updated on our progress and community involvement. Embark on this transformative path and witness firsthand the incredible difference that Joe Apps can make. Remember, you don’t have to face the challenges alone – choose to  Get-A-Joe today!

The Chamber’s Zack Konialian (left) with Joseph Apps (second left) and Robert Dingle (Second from right) and Nick Hour on the right

Business After 5 at Burlington Public Library 

Last week, the Burlington Chamber of Commerce held a Business After Five event at the Burlington Public Library (BPL), hosted by Joe Apps Technology Support and the BPL, featuring the library’s MakerSpace. Joseph Apps, founder of Joe Apps Technology Support, collaborated with Elise Copps, director of communications and engagement, to bring attention to the MakerSpace’s capabilities, which include a laser cutter, 3D printer, vinyl cutter, large format photo printer, and embroidery machine. Apps, a library enthusiast, highlighted the MakerSpace as a valuable resource for small business owners to create prototypes, product labels, and promotional materials. The event successfully showcased the potential of the MakerSpace, aligning with Apps’ commitment to community service and supporting local businesses.

Article – Local NewsPhotoshoot – Burlington Today


Burlington Man Ready For the Future

Joseph Apps, a 30-year-old entrepreneur from Burlington, founded Joe Apps Technology Support in 2016 and has since helped over 1,000 businesses with technology and cybersecurity. With a team of 11 IT professionals, his company specializes in network infrastructure, software development, and resolving technical issues. Apps is committed to expanding his business to support over 5,000 businesses across Canada in the next decade. He attributes his success to his hardworking immigrant parents and his education in application and system development from Mohawk College. Joe Apps Technology Support is dedicated to staying ahead of cybersecurity trends and helping clients maintain competitive IT structures.

Article – Burlington Today | Article – Mohawk News

Brittany Phillips, lead marketing advisor, Dion Strategic Consulting Group chats with Conrad Zurini, broker and owner ReMax Escarpment (left) and Joseph Apps, CEO and visionary, Joe Apps Technology Support, during a question and answer period. Julie Slack Photo

Young Leaders Breakfast Summit

In a recent engagement at the Burlington Chamber of Commerce’s Young Leaders breakfast summit, Joe Apps Technology Support’s CEO, Joseph App, illuminated the burgeoning realm of AI and its rapid assimilation into everyday business practices. In his discourse, titled “Navigating the AI Revolution: A Roadmap by Joe Apps,” Joseph articulated the swift adoption of AI technologies, contrasting it with the slower historical uptake of other technologies like the internet and mobile phones. He highlighted the transformative impact of AI on businesses, emphasizing the absence of robust governing policies which, he cautioned, is a significant oversight in the current tech landscape. Joseph’s insights underscored Joe Apps’ proactive stance in not only adapting to AI but also in advocating for necessary cybersecurity measures to ensure its safe integration into business operations. This presentation mirrors Joe Apps’ commitment to remaining at the forefront of technological innovation while actively contributing to community discussions on these critical developments.


Inspiring Youth TV

Inspiring Youth TV: Interviews

In a compelling blend of community engagement and technological foresight, Joe Apps showcases its dual commitment to societal betterment and cutting-edge innovation. “Joe Apps on Giving Back to the Community” highlights the company’s longstanding tradition of organizing events, with a notable focus on supporting local causes like Halton’s Women’s Place, reflecting Joe’s personal journey from high school initiatives to hosting 195 events last year alongside Robert, emphasizing the importance of community and work-life balance. In contrast, “Joe Apps Employees Eric & Nick Talk about the Power of AI” delves into the team’s fascination with AI, spurred by childhood inspirations and a keen eye on technology trends, ensuring their services remain at the forefront of cybersecurity and innovation. Together, these videos illustrate Joe Apps’ holistic approach, marrying community involvement with technological advancement.

Youtube:Giving BackYoutube:Power of AIYoutube


Tips on how to clear digital clutter

Maintaining digital cleanliness can be straightforward with the right initial setup, including proper file organization and regular cloud backups, which significantly streamline ongoing management. The emphasis on purging old devices is crucial, ensuring sensitive data like credit card details or personal identifiers are irretrievably destroyed, ideally by drilling through the hard drive or utilizing certified destruction services. Furthermore, responsibly recycling electronics prevents environmental harm and supports sustainability, with specialized facilities often offering this service without cost, excluding potential fees for memory component destruction. Regular digital decluttering, advised biannually or annually, is essential for minimizing data accumulation and enhancing security.



Youth Inspire Community Day

The recent Youth Inspire Community Day, spearheaded by Burlington’s Dare To Be Youth (DTBY), was a vibrant hub of inspiration, featuring a resource fair, eminent speakers like Chief Stacey LaForme and Olympians, and entrepreneurial showcases. Initiatives such as DTBY’s collaboration with Leena Sharma Seth on anti-racism programs and the cross-continental musical connection with Kenya’s Wema Centre underscored the event’s global and community-centric ethos. The highlight was the Pythons’ Pit, where young innovators like Ellis Kim and Isha Anand presented solutions ranging from healthcare apps to sustainable packaging, reflecting the youth’s commitment to impactful change. The day concluded with breakout sessions on various societal themes, leaving participants motivated to forge their paths in making a difference.



Podchaser Community Podcast: CyberSecurity

On this episode, we’re talking all things cybersecurity! Joe Apps, from Joe Apps Technology Support, is here to break down what cybersecurity is and what parts of your business it effects, how to enhance it on your own and what to expect if you outsource, key red flags to look for, and the latest cyber attack trends.

So if you haven’t already, go initiate your software updates, and then let’s get into it.



The good, the bad and the ugly of AI

In a recent interview, Joe Apps of Joe Apps Technology Support highlighted AI’s significant contributions to sectors like healthcare and education. Utilizing AI across their operations enhances communication and cybersecurity, reflecting their principle of relentless accuracy. However, Joe expressed concerns over AI’s darker aspects, including potential misuses in phishing and impacts on jobs and creativity. Advocating for stringent AI regulations, Joe Apps ensures clients benefit from AI’s advancements while addressing ethical concerns.



Lunch & Learn: Cybersecurity Trends to Know

The cybersecurity playing field is constantly changing. How do you keep up with new technology and software while also keeping ahead of hackers? Join us for this Lunch & Learn to discover the inside story of cybersecurity.

Topics covered:
• The cybersecurity outlook in 2023
• Password management
• Tips to help protect you, your business, and your customers!

Presented by Joseph Apps, President, Joe Apps Technology
Sponsored by the YMCA of Niagara


dare to be YOU

DTBY Community Podcast S2 E2: Joe Apps

Dare To Be Youth Charity (DTBY) is a grassroots for-purpose organization that empowers high school students and grads in Halton and Hamilton to unlock their potential. In this episode we interviewed a long-time Dare To Be YOU (DTBY) supporter; Joseph from Joe Apps. We had an amazing conversation about the impact of technology on youth and the importance of youth mentorship in a digital world. 


Joe on CHCH News

How to protect yourself against online scams

With social media and email scams prevalent in today’s digital landscape, it’s essential to stay vigilant. In a recent incident, scammers impersonated CHCH, falsely declaring contest winners. To enhance your scam awareness and safeguard yourself, we partnered with Joe Apps of Joe Apps Technology Support.

Interview  Article

Robert and Samantha after winning the 1Award news

2 Burlington businesses take home $200,000 in prizes at small business contest

Four small businesses got a helping hand from this year’s 1Awards competition

Four small businesses got a helping hand from this year’s 1Awards competition

Following a year of record-breaking applications, the stage was set for the next round as 10 finalists emerged, with four of them securing victory in this year’s pitch competition. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Joe Apps Technology Support Inc., Kintore Coffee Co., Laila’s Cheesecake Co., and Toques from the Heart for their remarkable achievement.


Business excellence award news

Joseph Apps wins 2022 Business Excellence Award

As the founder of Joe Apps Technology Support Inc., Joseph leads a local small business that specializes in assisting other small businesses. Their unwavering commitment lies in delivering cutting-edge technology support tailored to the budgetary constraints of your company. With comprehensive support for all devices connected to the online world, they cater to the diverse needs of businesses and clients who prioritize the security and well-being of their data and technology.


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